From Cast Iron to Stainless Steel: a Comprehensive Comparison of Cookware Materials

The kitchen is perhaps one of the most prestigious places in your house. Amongst other things, cookware is the most critical item in the kitchen. From cutlery to cooking pots to present day pans, every item that your food comes in contact with is important. The million dollar question so as to which kind of utensils you should keep in your kitchen have long been discussed.

Cast iron and stainless steel are two important materials from which our most kitchen utensils are made of. Both of the cookware materials have their own pros and cons and the decision is mostly based on the requirement. Choosing out of the two has never been very easy sort of thing. Here you can get an overall view of the two, which would help you have a better understanding of them.


Cast Iron Iron is a very good conductor of heat. Buying a pan or a pot made up of cast iron is a very good investment. Pans and pots consisting cast iron use to be very heavy in relation to cookware made up of other materials. Normally cast iron comes in two variants when it comes to cookware. First one is a dark colored heavy pan looking like a nonstick and second is enameled cast iron which looks like china clay pot. Regular cast iron pot after every use needs seasoning and it’s not oven proof. The enameled cast iron pots and pans, on the other hand, are over proof and do not need seasoning after use. You can use almost every type of utensil in it while cooking unless specified. However, for the enameled cast iron pots it better not to use the metal utensils while cooking your food.

Stainless Steel stainless steel is a very beautiful shiny metal. Mostly the cutlery that we use in our house consists of stainless steel. It does not rust, it does not stain and mostly a good stainless steel will maintain its shine. Stainless steel is a nonreactive metal meaning it does not react to your food. You can almost cook everything in it. When it comes to using a utensil, you can use any type of metal utensil in it while cooking your food. However stainless steel is a bad conductor of heat and therefore the heat distribution when it comes to food is not even. This implies that it might burn your food on the bottom since it receiving most heat there. Most of the stainless steel made pots and pans for cookware come with a wrap of a conductive metal which ensures smooth distribution of the heat. Stainless steel is not over proof but is great for refrigeration. Unlike nonstick and cast iron pans and pots, the cookware made up of stainless steel does not require seasoning. For more information click here.

Choosing between cast iron and steel cookware is never easy since it’s a one-time investment. You need to make an informed decision while you plan on choosing and buying one.


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