Best 5 induction cooktop 2017

Induction type cooktops are one of the marvels of technological evolution. Very recently there has been a shift of consumers from conventional gas type cooktops and electrical cooktops to these induction type cooktops. However since there are so many options and brands out there in the market to choose from If you are planning on buying an induction type cooktop some pre requisite knowledge about the top brands in the market is a must. Tops 5 best induction cooktop with regards to their performance and efficiency have been selected for your review.

Nuwave Pic Review

First on the list is the sleek beauty by nuwabe. It has a total of 17 pre-programmed 17 temperature setting from which you can choose from. All four burners of this cooktop have power boost capabilities. However, at one point in time you can only use one element at power in a group at power boost. This cooktop from Nuwave offer much more features than any other cooktop available in the market and also provides plenty of power. It also provides safety features such pan detection and lock control to avoid injuries.

Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Review

Second cooktop on the list of top 5 is a black beauty by Frigidaire which costs around 1500$ in the market. It also comes with 4 burners with very straightforward and easy to use control panel. Its control. It has a dedicated power button for each of its cooking zones. However, while you are working on the over, you cannot lock the controls like in the one by Bosch. It is energy efficient and because of its simple interface and excellent and advanced cooking facilities it is one of the great cooktops out there in the shelves. This cooktop provides power up to 3,400 watts and comes with pan detection and control lock capabilities.

KitchenAid KICU509XSS

Third cooktop on the list is none other than the famous cooktop by KitchenAid. It is available at around 1600$ in the market. Power range of this cooktop is from 1,400 watts on a low to 3,700 watts on a high. This cooktop has a peculiar design of it burners and provides a lot of ease and flexibility of use. However, this cooktop does not have a custom timer option. It comes with power boost function to meet your immediate needs of high energy. It also has pan detection and control lock features to ensure safety.

Miele KM5753

Forth cooktop on the list of top 5 is the sleek KM5753 by Miele. You can purchase it from the market at around $2600. This cooktop from Miele comes with 4 burners with power boost capability for all four elements. This cooktop does not come with a bridge element feature. This cooktop passes with flying colors in terms of feature set and safety options but it can do better in terms of cooking capabilities. The power ranges from 1,400 watt to 3,200 watt on high power. The range of power boost for this cooktop is not as extensive as can be seen in other cooktops which go as high as 3,700 watts on power boost. However in terms of features and advanced controls this does fairly well.


5th on the list of top 5 is a super tech cool looking cooktop from General Electronics. It is priced at around 2,700$ in the market. The cooking performance is amongst the best in the top of the line cooktops. It comes with standard 4 cooking elements with power rating between 1,800 watts to 3,700 watts on high power. However this cooktop does not offer power boost feature which would provide further more power and decrease the cooking time. The intrinsic power upto 3,700 watts without power boost is one of the highest power ratings in the market. It does great on the safety features and comes with pan detection as well as control locking. It also has visual options to provide you with the visuals when the heat is on.